Why is PNoy’s ka-textmate suddenly quiet about US “evil designs” in Mindanao?

Late last year, I was eagerly focused on the rants and raves of a columnist who was weaving a compelling tale about US manipulation and involvement in the ongoing conflict in Mindanao.

Then, PNoy’s secret meeting in Tokyo with the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Group… not to me mistaken with Moms I’d Like to F**k) happened.

And instead of getting an insider’s ringside view on what transpired, eager and inquisitive readers like me were treated to… SILENCE.

Which led me to message the columnist who is a Facebook friend (as of 8:59 AM, Aug. 13).

Aug. 6, 2011

This went on my wall: It would be interesting to know the viewpoint of Billy Esposo  re: PNoy’s secret meeting with MILF leaders… his long-running thesis is that the US is behind the political wrangling between the two protagonists… (would he shout ‘treason’? or, swoon at the ‘brilliant’ stroke?)

He replied: Dennis, the meeting cannot be downplayed because they got a major breakthrough – the MILF has agreed to drop their independence demand. I raised the question of what kind of a SUB-STATE we are talking about now. Even PNoy Senate allies will not allow a sub-state ala MoA-AD which is a virtual state. TG Guingona told me that this sub-state is within the Federal context of a sub-state – which is OK.

In the days that followed, not a peep about the latest MILF developments appeared in his column. His remark “a substate – which is OK” baffled me: are the Americans now out of the equation? Are the bad gringos now on the side of the good guys? Did his ka-textmate order him to shut his trap (“keep quiet you… diskarte me”)?

So quoting lyrics from an old song… I just want to tell the columnist that a lot of Filipinos are “bitin sa iyo”. His tale is like a bad movie that has an inconclusive ending.

Let me now try and reconstruct what he was writing about – before that historic secret meeting…

Oct. 14, 2010

“Hidden in this “bully-in-the-region” US projection of China is the real US agenda of also wanting to corner the last suspected big oil reserve in the world. The US is cleverly establishing an entry point in the South China Sea oil equation by offering to “protect” the other claimants from the big neighborhood bully. Fearing the big neighbor – China – even Vietnam has opted to forget its 1960s and 1970s conflict with the US and now welcomes US intervention in the basically Asian dispute. Historically, we tend to fear more the big threat nearest us.

Most Filipinos are unaware of how these developments which could lead to a US and China conflict will severely affect us. Why do you think the US has such a great interest in sponsoring that failed MOA-BJE (Memorandum of Agreement-Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) which would have Balkanized Philippine national territory? That MOA-BJE has less to do with Mindanao peace but everything to do with providing the US with a military offensive capability versus China.

In this developing US-China conflict, the big challenge confronting the Filipino is how to avoid being dragged into the US-China conflict. Maintaining Philippine neutrality is easier said than done because a weak State like ours is always vulnerable to the machinations and pressures of powerful countries.

Both the US and China are capable of undermining a Philippine administration if that will serve their national interest. That may seem revolting to a Filipino but it is regarded as a patriotic act by an American or Chinese who is merely serving his country’s national interest.

Our problems are compounded by Filipino Quislings who are willing to work for the interests of another country despite its clear agenda to exploit Filipino inability to recognize a lover from a rapist, a hero from a heel, a savior from an oppressor.”

Nov. 11, 2010

“Now, we have a US that is posturing to mediate a peace between our government and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Alas, many Filipino idiots – Filipinos who do not know the truth – are still welcoming the Americans as peace brokers. They’re ignorant of the US plan to create a virtual, albeit concealed, Muslim State in Mindanao which will provide them the military offensive capability in their looming conflict with China.

A US military offensive capability in Mindanao, as what the MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement-Ancestral Domain) almost facilitated, will place us in the frontline of that dreaded US-China conflict – a much larger and more severe theatre of war than the MILF rebellion. The government’s war with the MILF at its worst can never approximate the casualties and damage of a US-China war that will be fought here.

To avert this potentially catastrophic national experience, Filipinos must learn the historical truth, know their real friends and enemies and unite for the sake of national preservation.”

This Filipino idiot wants to know the truth.


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