Who should be the next tourism head?

With the sudden resignation of Alberto Lim as Secretary of the Department of Tourism, people have been speculating on who can best fill the position.

As a taxpayer, I too would like to offer my suggestions – names and faces that can fasttrack our efforts to attract more tourists. (These are my personal choices – and may not necessarily be yours.) Here goes:

1. Kuya Germs. The guy epitomizes the fiesta spirit of the country. Every show associated with him is blindingly colorful and crafted to mirror his unique and personal vision of the Great White Way –  yes… a bit of Broadway, a bit of Clover theater. With him as tourism head, we can expect all our restos and hotels to be transformed into their maximum pahiyas splendor with singing cooks, waiters, dishwashers, doormen, bellboys, valets and janitors entertaining our foreign guests. He can capably mount an international roadshow to woo and stun prospective tourists to be hosted by Mr. Showman himself and sidekick John Nite… with opening prayers by Brother Mike… entertainment numbers by the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday groups of That’s… plus showstopping dance moves by Bella and the Bellestars. And he assumes office with a ready made slogan/battlecry…

2. Pepe Smith. The granddaddy of Pinoy Rock & Roll can easily position and differentiate the Philippines in a distinct, memorable way. Out-of-the-box thinking will allow us to leapfrog and overtake our swellheaded Asean neighbors. No predictable rubbish like “Fascinating Philippines” or “Picture Perfect Philippines”. Chances are, Pepe will go for the jugular… and declare:

3. Melanie Marquez. Women of all nationalities simply love shopping. And this next tourism chief material is a fashionable Filipina – a once-upon-a-time beauty queen – who can prod the ladies to shop where the desirable “finds” are in her unique, patented manner. And with her sparkling spontaneous pronouncements, she will be a natural magnet for international news organizations like CNN, BBC who will want to quote her at every opportunity. We will never be under the news radar. Ever again.

4. Vicki Belo. Medical tourism has been bringing hordes of tourists to the Philippines. Legit kidney transplant specialists and prolific faith healers are making a killing. But the key to significant tourist arrivals is really in… cosmetic surgery. The leading practitioner can be tapped to lead the campaign to capture a substantial chunk of foreign visitors. Dra. Belo can be expected to unleash her marketing savvy…

5. Gov. L-Rey Villafuerte. In less than ten years, he has transformed CamSur from one of the poorest provinces to the country’s No. 1 tourist destination. Along the way, he has campaigned to plant 12 million trees in his turf and is determined to make CamSur… the Singapore of the Philippines – a lofty dream but much better than no dream at all. I don’t know him from Adam but admire his passion… and his propensity to pre-visualize success.


8 thoughts on “Who should be the next tourism head?”

  1. Dennis, great to have your blog back.
    You will be ideal for the post since you have the marketing skills, network & people will work for you gratis. I will coz I respect you & I love my country. So why did Lim resign? All the best!

  2. C’mon, Gigi. I only work with the best (… people like you & Stephen). Madness to work in government where most brains are of showroom quality… and hardly used.

  3. Can’t get over the fact that you lost your old blog simply because your webhost couldn’t handle the traffic. ‘Hirap din ng sikat, no? I also lost my blog, but it was my fault, so got only myself to blame.

    Awaiting more posts on your blog. Btw, Mon Jimenez (of Abby, he he he) is our new tourism head. Am hearing that here in Toronto, so I hope it’s true.

    1. hey, socky… i had this impression that you were abroad just for a vacay. have you settled for good in canada? let us know the score.

  4. Someone who thinks outside the box but still can carry over what was started. There has got to be a stop point and continuity of past projects and not start and start no ending.

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